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Welcome to our very first vendor, Kneehigh Farm! Kneehigh Farm is a one woman-run vegetable farm located in the Lehigh Valley. They strive to provide the freshest produce grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares, Farmers’ Markets, and restaurant sales. Kneehigh Farm prioritizes high quality produce, ethical practices, and happy people, and is committed to creating connections between families, their food, and their farmers.

Owner Emma Cunniff will offer a variety of seasonal produce at our market. Because they operate a CSA, they will always have a large selection of vegetables. Look for a variety of spring and fall brassicas, lettuce greens, onions, shallots, leeks, scallions, radishes, turnips, carrots, beets, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatillos, summer and winter squash, cucumbers, potatoes, garlic, okra, rutabaga…! Also herbs, including basil, dill and cilantro will be available.

>> website: www.kneehighfarm.com.



Meet another of our vendors, Kim’s Bakery & Allegheny Valley Dairy!

Their farm family has the goal of providing fresh, homemade baked goods and yogurt to their customers. They use their own farm fresh milk from their Swiss dairy cows. Market items may include Baked Goods, Connabella Farms Cheese, Fresh Eggs & Yogurt.

Kim’s Bakery makes a wide variety of baked goods, including a specialty homemade yeast bread, and whole wheat oatmeal bread using home ground wheat.

>> website: www.cozycorner.org


homehillHope Hill Lavender Farm is owned by Wendy and Troy Jochems who purchased the farm in 2004. They took on the task of creating our own mark on the farm which was an established tree farm at time of purchase. Wendy’s long time passion for gardening and love of lavender and Troy wants to create something more organically sustainable, lavender became the most obvious choice. After some research into different species four were chosen: Provence, Grosso, Hidcote and Munstead. The first planting of 1600 plants took place in 2011. Hope Hill Lavender Farm is Veteran owned “Semper Fi”. And we strive to use 100% American made materials in all our products.

Available items: Fresh and dried lavender bunches, sachets | Lavender plants | soaps | lotions, cream, lotion stick, shampoo and conditioner, shower gel | lip balm | essential oil | lavender water | hand soap | candles | deodorant | honey (possible) | catnip

>> website: www.hopehilllavenderfarm.com/home.html


brooke_logoBrooke-Lee Farm is a small, family owned farm in Berks County, PA. They specialize in growing produce and raising meat rabbits, and chickens (both meat and egg layers). Brooke-Lee Farm is pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free and raise their animals humanely.  All chickens are cage-free.

Produce they grow: Potatoes (Yukon gold, Adirondack Blues, Red, Whites) , squash (Acorn, Butternut), lettuce, swiss chard, braising mix, radishes, carrots, mint, thyme, tomatoes (Yellow, red), peppers, zucchini, and much more!

Brooke-Lee Farm also prepares a large selection jellies, jams, salsas and spreads, using fruits and vegetables at the peak of freshness. Examples include jalapeño pepper jelly, chocolate raspberry spread, peach salsa, blueberry cardamon jam, and more! They also anticipate having honey later in the season.

>> website: www.brookeleefarm.com


grow“Grow Your Own Freedom” is the business venture of married couple Jordan Scroble and Danielle Nuhfer. They are committed to helping others in our community of suburban and urban Reading, Pennsylvania become more independent by taking on a ‘grow your own’ philosophy. Grow your own freedom by finding satisfaction in growing what you can, knowing what you buy, going back to basics, and discovering nature’s goodness. In short, grow, know, go, discover!

Danielle and Jordan will be offering home crafted soaps, balms, and salves; essential oil blends, and vegetable & herb garden transplants.

>> website: www.growyourownfreedom.net


gooselan2Goose Lane Egg Farm will offer to our customers a large variety of produce that is GMO-free.

They take a lot of pride in their produce: spring onions, candy onions, big boy tomatoes, plum tomatoes, golden tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, spaghetti squash, zucchini, cucumbers, green and yellow beans, beets, radishes, bell peppers, banana peppers, and an assortment of hot peppers. They also grow their own sweet corn and pumpkins.

The majority of their crops are planted in a raised, black plastic bed to reduce weeds and insects, and they practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Goose Lane Egg Farm specializes in Brown Eggs from their free-range, grass-fed, GMO free chickens. They may also offer chicken and turkey as well. Their chickens are housed in a mobile chicken house which is rotated throughout the pasture to ensure adequate grass and nutrition. This lifestyle promotes good health for the chickens and quality eggs you won’t find in a grocery store.

We welcome Melanie and Casey Noss of Goose Lane Egg Farm to our market!

>> website: www.gooselaneeggfarm.com


sheila_logo3Sheila’s Crunchy Delight is a local favorite with a devoted following!

They will offer 11 Granolas: Apple Crisp, Banana Breakfast, Blueberry Buckle, Chocolate Chip, Gluten Free, Just Grains, Kaffa-Coco, Maple Bourbon, Original Recipe, Pumpkin Season and S’mores; 2 different Granola Bars — raisin and chocolate chip; 3 Nut Mixes: Herbed Hazelnuts, Sweet & Spicy, and Curried Cashews; 4 whole foods: Roasted Hazelnuts, Raw Almonds, Dried Cherries, and Roasted Cashews; plus 5 different specialties: Graham Goodies, Cheesy Diamonds, Prairie Crisps, Yummy Onion Biscuits, and Wine Biscuits.

Welcome Sheila and Larry! Be sure to visit their Facebook page at
and ‘like’ them!



Joining our market will be Hoagland Farms! Nestled in the heart of of east-central Pennsylvania’s farming region, this farm produces the highest quality of fresh, locally and home grown produce.

Owners Lynn and Carol Hoagland will offer a broad assortment of the finest foods:

Early summer – asparagus, spring onions, strawberries, honey, pork products, greens, and rhubarb;

Mid summer – raspberries, blueberries, black berries, cherries, beans, onions, beets, beans, summer squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet corn, cantaloupes, watermelons, tree fruit: peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, apples, pears, and quince;

Late summer/fall: Brussels sprouts, lima beans, broccoli, cauliflower, okra, fall squash, winter squash, pumpkins, and Romanesque.


Hoagland Farms is a family farm with minimal spray practices and hormone-free pork. In addition to their fruits and vegetables, they grow small grains and hay. They also have a produce stand (established in 1955) at their farm in Elysburg, PA.

Hoagland Farms is authorized to accept WIC coupons.


Let’s welcome Skyline Drive Orchard!

Just a stone’s throw up the mountain to their retail store, owners Christine and Stan Blankenbiller will bring their vast selection of fresh spring, summer, and fall fruits and vegetables to our market. Homemade pies, cakes and cookies will also be offered for sale.

Skyline also sells canned goods; sweet apple cider and apple sauce; annual and perennial flowering plants and hanging baskets; fresh flower bouquets and dried flower arrangements. Look for pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn in autumn.

>> website: www.skylinedrive-orchard.com


lovin2Stemming from a love of all things tasty, Rich & Amy Johnson of The Loving Spoonful, bring a variety of infused olive oils and vinegars to liven up any dish, dressing, marinade or even libation.  From flavor infusions, of Artisan quality balsamic vinegars of Modena, like Mango, Honey Ginger, Chocolate Marshmallow to the 25 Star Reserve Balsamic, there will be something to appeal to all.  The infused high quality Olive Oils include Basil, Roasted Chile, Black Pepper,  White truffle garlic and many more.

Tastings are encouraged and new recipes will be available weekly.  Located right in Pennside, they look forward to sharing more than a spoonful of their culinary adventure with you!


>> website: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Loving-Spoonful/420950218087371?fref=ts



Laura Kessler joins our market and will offer her dried culinary herbs. Also for sale will be herbed-infused salts, herb-infused vinegars, various pickled vegetables…and pickles!

Welcome Laura’s Garden!


We welcome a very special vendor to our market, Almosta Ranch Alpacas!

Owner Kathy Kenworthy will be offering all things alpaca, raw fleece, batts, rovings, top for hand spinners, yarns, hand made items – garments and accessories. Also wool, angora, and llama fibers and yarns; hand spun items. Hand made soap.

Almosta Ranch Alpacas is a small family run farm providing diversity in color and country of origin in our herd. They strive to practice responsible breeding to obtain sound conformation, excellent quality fleece, and gentle dispositions. Kathy is very active with the fiber arts, so improving the quality and quantity of the fleece on the animals has become a priority. Their animals receive daily hands on care and are always waiting at the gate with bright eyes and a smile on their faces when they see them coming!

Almosta Ranch was born out of a love of animals and a desire to learn the fiber arts while providing a source of income. They are located in Berks County, Pa., in beautiful farm country just north of the heart of the Pennsylvania Amish Country, close to Reading, PA.

Almosta Ranch Alpacas has a PA Preferred designation. The Pennsylvania Preferred® program assists Pennsylvania farmers by encouraging consumers to purchase Pennsylvania products. At the same time, Pennsylvania Preferred® comforts consumers with important quality standards.

>>Visit www.almostaranchalpacas.com and learn more about this vendor!


Freeland Market is your local charcutier. Their handmade products include up to 70 varieties of fresh made sausages; smoked sausages, bacon, scrapple, and charcuterie items such as pâtés, terrines and other specialties. Everything is crafted with quality in mind – and they use only the freshest natural ingredients. They make traditional sausages from many different regions of Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Morocco, Greece and more. Their fresh sausages are made from pork, chicken, lamb and duck. They also will offer Salumi products, Italian cured meat products predominately made from pork.

Freehand Market strives to provide the highest quality charcuterie available – from handcrafted terrines to mouth watering pâtés, Freeland never compromises their standards and consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.


bb_logo2We welcome our newest vendor, Betula’s Botanica!

Soothe your mind, body and soul with cold process artisan soaps, sugar scrubs, lotion bars, mineral bath salts, healing balms, lip balms, essential oils and blends, body spray mists, natural bug repellent products, other bath and body care products.Their artisan soaps are hand crafted with premium oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, and natural botanicals for color and exfoliation. Sugar scrubs are available in the same essential oil blends as all of the soaps. Their soothing balms are created to bring relief for sinus congestion, sleeplessness, dry skin and chapped lips, and are made with beeswax, plant oils and essential oils.

Enjoy all this and more at their beautiful market stand!

>> website: www.betulasbotanica.com


Welcome to The Rustic Bunch!

Trustic2he Rustic Bunch stemmed from a love of colorful blooms, a dedicated gardener and the joy that a fresh bouquet brings. Located in West Leesport, Pennsylvania, our commitment is to providing locally grown and the freshest imaginable flowers to our community. Husband and wife team Jason & Katie Smaglinski bring beautiful cut flowers grown with a green thumb and selected with a creative eye.

They have made it their mission to provide fresh cut flowers for everyday enjoyment. The Rustic Bunch is a member of The American Specialty Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG), and proud to be part of the Slow Flowers and Field to Vase nationwide directories. They grow seasonally from April until October, and will offer our customers the best they can! Tulips, Ranunculus, Peonies, Rudbeckia, Lisianthus, Snapdragons, Cosmos, Zinnia, Celosia and much much more to come…

>> website: www.rusticbunch.com


stoudtsStoudts Wonderful Good Bread and Cheese is an 18 year old heritage bakery with a focus on traditional methods, fermentation, and locally sourced ingredients.

Using the finest local milk, our cheese is made in small batches and ripened in our own aging facilities.

Breads may include Ed’s famous Beer Bread, made from spring wheat, fresh milled barley, STOUDTS beer, water, levain, dried malt and sea salt; Sauerkraut Rye, a twist on a traditional German rye; Multi-grain; Organic Sourdough; and Rosemary Olive Boule. Fruit breads like their Pumpkin Apple Beer Boule or Cranberry Moon organic spring wheat bread may be offered.

Something for everyone from this Adamstown institution!

Welcome Elizabeth Stout and your wonderful good bread and cheese!

>>website: www.facebook.com/wonderfulgood


Welcome Griesemer Beekeeping!

Beekeeper James Griesemer of Wernersville will bring his delicious honey to our market.

He extracts honey from his bee hives and bottles it for customer sales. Also available will be various bee and honey related items. He and his wife Christine bring a wonderful product that is sure to please our shoppers.

>> website: www.facebook.com/GriesemerBeekeeping


klingersLocal restauranteur/owner Mark Klinger will be offering his famous chili as well as bottled dressings at our market.

A neighborhood favorite with a strong following, Klinger’s make a unique chili that has customers coming back for more. Be sure to stop by and see what he has cooking up in his tent!

>> website: www.klingersoncarsonia.com
>> facebook: facebook.com/klingersoncarsonia



Wait until you meet Yvon Kennon and see her gorgeous pots offered at our market. Yvon spent years living and making pottery in Japan, and upon her return to the US opened her own studio and name it after Uzume, the Shinto goddess of joy, happiness and good health. Uzume’s Pots are functional stoneware and porcelain pottery – handmade and wheel thrown, the pots are electric, salt and wood fired to temperatures as high as 2400 degrees. All are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.


Gourmand Food Truck offers a contemporary twist on street food from around the U.S. Sample their unique recipes based on Berks County cuisine.

Owners Mitchell Kriebel and Kristen Lutz have created a menu that presents generous portions of a wide range of food choices…from light to hearty, everyone will be satisfied! Menu items are prepared to order and all food prep is done fresh daily on the truck. Mouth-watering menu selections include: Goat cheese fries – shoestring fries topped with truffle aioli, crumbled goat cheese, and chives; ‘The Berks’ sandwich – Fried Lebanon Bologna, cream cheese, apple butter, and Good’s potato chips on a grilled potato bun; Ahi Ceviche Fish Tacos; Pulled Pork BBQ; and the Gourmand Cheese Steak – ribeye steak, topped with white cheddar sauce and sautéed onions, served on a long roll.

Gourmand will be adding breakfast items and specials to their truck menu as well.

Welcome Gourmand Artisan Street Food to our market!

>> website: www.gourmandpa.com
>> facebook: www.facebook.com/gourmandpa


artist_logo2Welcome the Aspiring Artists of Antietam to our market!

We are a group of local aspiring artists who are coming together to share our artwork with the community.

Some of the artwork we will have for sale includes framed photography and photographic prints, greeting cards, jewelry, watercolor prints, and more! Our inventory will be diverse and varied and our mission one of sharing. Visit our tent often for a changing selection of work.


>>website: www.facebook.com/pages/Aspiring-Artists-of-Antietam/866139886792604?fref=ts


PrintToland Farm is joining us! You are going to just love their selection of baked goods. All of their ingredients are purchased locally and they use, whenever possible, organically produced items. Look for Gluten Free Energy Cookies (both ready to eat and, frozen, ready to bake) GF Oatmeal Raisin and Cranberry Cookies, Gluten Free quiche with seasonal farm grown vegetables, GF Mac and Cheese, GF Energy Bars (4 varieties), GF Brownies w Carmel and Sea Salt, GF Walnut Brownies, GF Choc Chip Cookies, GF Bread (Multi Grain and Cranberry Walnut), GF Muffins and Cupcakes, GF Harvest Soups, GF Lemon Bars. Seasonal GF Baked Goods will also be available. Vegan or special dietary orders upon request.

Toland Farm was purchased in 1997. A former dairy and crop farm, it became one of the leading private Dressage facilities in the region. As an elite multi disciplined athlete owner Trisha Hessinger began experimenting with developing an alternative to commercial energy bars for her own training. The result was her own Gluten Free Energy Cookies. The cookies were used at fundraisers benefitting Berks County Figure Skating; the interest grew and became the beginning of a small farm business. Today they produce a full range of fresh baked goods, focusing on Gluten Free wholesome goods. Their TF Ready to Bake Frozen Energy Cookies are available through a national retailer.

Welcome Toland Farm!

>> website: www.tolandfarmwholesomegoods.com



Joining our market is Conabella Farm! Specializing in farm fresh cheese and spreads, their artisan raw milk cheese is the result of generations of dedicated family dairy farming on the same 198-acre farm that has been in the Gable family since 1923. For over 90 years, Conabella Farm has nourished Southeastern PA families with top-quality milk and cheese.

The first Ayrshires came to this spacious farm in 1938, when Joseph and Ella’s son Harold purchased 10 Ayrshire cows in order to raise the butterfat content of the farm’s milk and make it creamier. Harold purchased these Ayrshires from a local farm where his brother, John, worked as herd manager. These 10 cows were the foundation for our current herd of over 200 registered Ayrshire milking cows and young stock. Today, Conebella is 100% Ayrshire, and we are proud of this breed renowned for its health, longevity and ability to produce rich, buttery milk. The farm’s rolling acres sustain this heritage breed, as the Gables grow all of the forages for their herd right on the farm.In the summer of 2007, Conebella became a state-certified raw milk producer. Four years ago, in response to customer interest, Don and Pam Gable began shipping the farm’s raw milk to an experienced Lancaster County cheese maker. Their cheese business flourished as they added varieties of cheddar, Colby and Swiss cheese and cheese spreads.  At the farm store, the Gables currently sell 14 varieties of raw milk cheese, seven different creamy cheese spreads, raw milk, locally-made yogurt and free-range eggs.

Conebella Farm has now been home to five generations of Gables. Don and Pam’s three sons, Josh, Tyler and Kevin, are very involved in all aspects of the farm, from milking the cows twice a day to cultivating the forages. They especially enjoy the fieldwork, which involves growing alfalfa hay, grass hay, corn and rye.

>> website: www.conebellafarm.com
>> facebook: www.facebook.com/ConebellaFarmCheese/timeline


What is summer without ice cream? Sweet Ride Ice Cream joins us throughout the season with their Mobile Ice Cream Parlor or Ice Cream Bike! Featuring only the finest locally produced super premium ice cream and frozen novelties, Sweet Ride is the perfect breakfast choice at our market. Offering something for everyone, they may have up to 12 flavors of hand-dipped ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet on hand. Make your own ice cream sandwiches are a specialty.

>> website: www.sweetrideicecream.com/index.html
>> facebook: www.facebook.com/sweetrideicecream?fref=ts


Welcome Kay Bryant Designs to our market! Ever since she was a young girl, Kay was always pushing a pedal of a sewing machine. It all started with her passion for fashion which lead her to making cute outfits for herself. It then turned into a small wedding dress business which gave Kay a couture edge. Home decor was another hobby she had because she could find inspiration in her own home. Kay’s primitive and decorative santas became staples at tradeshows and as that fell out of style she found a new passion: making things for women who needed something because it was functional. Kay offers clothing, handbags, jewelry and other items designed in her own unique style. Stop by her booth on Saturday and say hello!

>> website: www.kaybryantdesign.webs.com


hummusLancaster Hummus Co. was founded 5 years ago by Deborah and Donald Mitchell, who along with their children Rachel, Sean, Tori and Violet strive to create unique gourmet hummus flavors. They believe in real foods and are committed to making products that are Soy Free, Nut Free, GMO Free, Dye Free, and Gluten Free. They bring to market a variety of hummus flavors as well as fresh made guacamole and a variety of salsas. New this year is their Tzatziki sauce using grass fed local cows milk. They work with local farmers to incorporate a local flavor when possible. They are always working on new flavors and are committed to creating a business model that is sustainable and serves others in all they do. In doing so, they join with their son in feeding the homeless and less fortunate in cities in Pennsylvania. Lancaster Hummus is a member of Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) as well as being a PA Preferred company.

Lancaster Hummus Co. creates small batch hummus, guacamole, salsa and tzatziki using as much local products infused into their products as possible! They are based in Lancaster County, Pa., and their products are handcrafted in small batches using their proprietary process to create a silky smooth hummus.
Lancaster Hummus Co. is a family owned business committed to making great tasting hummus. Their son, Sean, is actively involved in the operations of the business by promoting and spreading the love for his family’s flavorful creations. You can find him doing cooking demonstrations using the hummus flavors around the region and at local farmers markets.

Their flavors consist of Lemon Kale, Blazin Buffalo, Chipotle Black Bean, Sweet Pumpkin, Chocolate Cherry, Red Beet Garlic, Lady Belle, and Garlic. New flavors are always being worked on, so stop by the market stand weekly and check it out.

Our hummus flavors are Tahini Free, Preservative Free, Gluten Free and Dairy Free…Low in Fat & Low in Sodium. Welcome to the market!

>> website: www.LancasterHummus.com
>> facebook: www.facebook.com/LancasterHummusco?fref=ts


FB_IMG_1434508450234A big market hello and thank you to Gauker Farms! The Schaeffer Family settled and began farming in Fleetwood in the early 1800s. Today, they are an 8th, 9th, and 10th generation family farm specializing in corn, soybeans, wheat, straw, hauling and farm raised beef. Just in time for Fathers’ Day cookouts, the folks at Gauker farms will be bringing ground beef, hamburger patties, steaks, roasts, sweet and/or hot sticks and jerky. Antietam Valley market customers are more then welcome to email them at the farm to place an order for pick up at our market. Gauker Farms is privileged to provide local, wholesome, grain-fed beef for you and your family.

Stop by their tent, and welcome them to our market!

>> website: www.gaukerfarms.com
>> facebook: www.facebook.com/GaukerFarms?fref=ts


Bringing something new and exciting to our market is Indian food purveyors Momma Patel’s! They use local ingredients as much as possible when creating their Indian dishes, including organic and free-range meats. Their specialty is serving up authentic, healthy and locally-produced Indian foods frozen at the peak of their flavor. Committed to the local economy, all Momma Patel’s recipes capture the freshness of sustainable, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

This means you have the freshest, highest quality Indian foods available right in your own freezer. Welcome!

>> website: www.mommapatels.com
>> facebook: www.facebook.com/MommaPatels?fref=ts


sogood_logoOwners Justin and Liz Lally opened So Good!! in March 2010 with the idea of establishing a place where they could cook their family’s recipes and enjoy the freedom to create new ones. Justin makes all of their soups in their market kitchen at the Fairgrounds Farmers Market fresh each week. Most of their ingredients come from local suppliers. They strive to provide our customers with soups that taste ‘just like their Mothers or Grandmothers use to make’ as well as introducing them to new and delicious tastes. Soups include Mema’s Chicken Corn Noodle, Buffalo Chicken Soup, Mrs. B’s Potato Sausage and Leek, and many more! They also offer fresh salads, wraps, and quiche.

>> website: www.sogoodsoups.com
>> facebook: www.facebook.com/Sogoodsoups


Ridge Valley Farm of Sumneytown, PA will be joining our market on a part time basis, and we are just so happy to have them! Purveyors of all things maple syrup, owners Jim and Sue Myers will offer their own maple syrup, maple cream, maple sugar, maple granola, maple snack mix, maple coated walnuts & pecans, maple jelly, maple apple jam, maple sugar candy, maple cotton candy, maple coffee cakes, cookies and maple apple pie in the fall. All items contain their maple syrup.

>> read about Ridge Valley Farms here:


stpeter_logoWelcome Saint Peter’s Bakery to our market! They are dedicated to offering artisan baked goods to Farmers Markets which are supporters of the “Grower / Producer” concept. Look for their full selection of Artisan Breads, croissants, pastries, cookies and much more. Baked on site at their St. Peter’s Village bakery in Chester County, they are housed in the original village general store.

Their signature handcrafted breads are produced in a three-day process: one day to build or feed the starter, a day to make the dough and shape the loaves, and a day to proof the bread to develop flavor and texture prior to baking in their French steam injected deck ovens. Every loaf is shaped by hand. Breads include Kalamata Olive, Sesame Semolina, Pumpernickel and Cinnamon Swirl. Look for Saint Peter’s Bakery every other week at our market!

>> website: www.saintpetersbakery.com
>> facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/St-Peters-Bakery/130877056989075?fref=ts


Benchwarmers Coffee & Chocolate is a small batch coffee roasting and chocolate making company. Our coffee single-origin and direct trade, which means it comes from one farm or cooperative, from all over the world. Benchwarmers does not use artificial flavoring in our coffee; how the farmer grew the coffee is how we roast it, letting the natural flavors shine through. Benchwarmers is also a chocolate maker. We take unroasted cacao beans, roast the beans, and use a stone grinding wheel to turn the cocoa beans into chocolate.

Menu: Hot Cups of Coffee | Cold Brew Cups | Cold Brew Bottles (12oz) | Coffee Bags (12oz)
80% Dark Chocolate Bars (4oz) | Hot Chocolate on a Stick


1Sharon Carlucci will be at AVFAM with her absolutely stunning jewelry and beads, and her cohort Jeanine Saylor will be displaying her jewelry, mini-canvases and more. Say hello to the former Le Petit Artist ladies and welcome them to our market!


We are a tiny new winery with great big plans!
This all began as yet another crazy idea. We’ve grown pretty much everything else over the years, so we thought grapes would be fun. Dave provides the farming expertise, and Dan is the vintner.
Amateur Awards: 2013 : 1 Bronze; 2014 : 3 Bronze 6 Silver, 1 Gold, 1 Double Gold



Owners: Erica and Michael Lavdanski
We grow a variety of certified organic vegetables. We specialize in greens, but also grow potatoes, winter squash, root vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, leeks, celeriac. In the spring, we offer organic heirloom transplants for gardens. We also raise free range, grass fed beef. We sell the beef frozen and individually packaged.

They are a small, diversified organic farm dedicated to a high quality, nutrient rich product.

> website: www.bhorganicproduce.com


Owner: Jeremy Sayer
Probiotic fermented fizzy tea, small-batch brewed by hand in the heart of Lititz, PA using 100% organic teas, herbs and sugars.


All craft items are produced by Sheila Shuman: Pottery – decorative, ornamental, utilitarian. All utilitarian pottery is food safe, microwave and oven safe, and can be washed in the dishwasher; Fine metal jewelry – sterling silver, bronze, brass, copper, semi-precious gems; Felted wool – Christmas items, stockings, ornaments, penny rugs; Linen – tote bags, bread bags, napkins, table runners; Knitted infinity scarves.


Owners Matthew Sicher and Jesse Tobin grow and sell a wide variety of gourmet and exotic mushrooms. As mushroom growers and purveyors, they are mostly involved with wholesale and restaurant sales, but we are fortunate that they also attend several markets and provide for CSA’s. As the season progresses, they will bring foraged greens and fruits such as nettles, rampo, paw paws and more!

> facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Primordia-Farm/532651676815561


Owner Cheryl Ames will bring to our market an abundance of chocolate offerings: bars, truffles, toffee, lollipops; also, specialty items for the holidays.

> website: www.sweetsalvationtruffles.com


Small batch raw and organic fermented vegetables by owner Wendy Gollwitzer.

> facebook: www.facebook.com/thecottagekitchen3