We have an opportunity to support the southeastern local grain market! This is a great way to support local farmers – our own Brooke-Lee Farm has their buckwheat flour featured in this first staples box – businesses and a health food system in Pennsylvania. Get a pantry box for yourself and donate some extra staples to those in need.

The first PA Pantry Box contains:

  • All Purpose Flour (5lbs) Small Valley Milling, Halifax, PA
    Freshly milled soft red wheat and hard red wheat—super versatile!
  • Sifted Buckwheat Flour (1lb) Brooke-Lee Farm, Berks County PA
    Freshly milled and sifted; make blinis and add earthy flavor to waffles and pie crust. (Did you know buckwheat is the OG grain used to make scrapple?)
  • Yellow Grits (2lbs) Castle Valley Mill, Doylestown, PA
    Stone ground cornmeal with a sweet buttery flavor that makes creamy grits and polenta, and ultra-corny cornbread.
  • Sunflower Oil (750ml) Susquehanna Mills, Pennsdale, PA
    Dress salad, saute spring greens, fry fish, and dip bread in this rich, nutty, full-bodied oil.
  • Black Turtle Beans (1.5lbs) Genesee Valley Bean Co., Caledonia, NY
    The humble black bean—plant protein for all your soups, stews, nachos, and dips.


  • Cadence pastry chef & co-owner Sam Kincaid’s Buckwheat Shortbread Crust
  • Castle Valley Mill’s Traditional Grits
  • Lost Bread Co. baker/owner Alex Bois’ Magic (Fart-Free) Beans

The newly formed Pennsylvania Grain Coalition, a project of All Together Now PA, is working to support our regional farmers and promote high quality grain and staples. As a member, we’re excited to help launch the PA Pantry Box—a selection of freshly-milled flours, quick-cooking grain, dry beans, and cooking oil sourced from local growers, plus recipes by local chefs and bakers.

All proceeds enable the Coalition to make these same high quality ingredients available to families who are struggling to buy groceries due to Covid-19. They are distributed through Mighty Writers, a non-profit working to help kids think clearly and write with clarity. We distribute to their South Philadelphia location, which serves more than 200 families each week through the food and literacy program they launched in response to the pandemic.  By mid-June the Coalition has been able to donate:

  • 100 pounds of black beans (Genesee Valley)
  • 100 pounds all-purpose flour (Small Valley Milling)
  • 96 bottles canola oil (Susquehanna Mills)

Stock your pantry with high quality ingredients, support local farmers and keep our community fed!  The cost of the box is $32.00.

We are asking for pre-orders of this box only. Boxes can be pre-paid or paid for at the market at Brooke-Lee’s stand.  The boxes will be available for pick-up at the Antietam Market for the July 20th market. Questions or to place order if not coming to market, email Kim at